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2002-04-12 00:15:27 ]

Part of project4

things that need to or could happen to make the spring stuff better

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Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 19:55:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Spring interaction and freeze 2

Some notes on what I'm aware of needing to happen for
interactivity with spring. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things.

Buttons/controls for:

- control of gravity strength (the G constant in the
  SpringProcessor.gravity() methods)
- boolean control of barycenter gravity
- boolean control of screen center gravity
- control of use of Edges (a threshold that determines which
  value of strength in Edges are use for pulling)
- control of drawing of Edges
- control of labelling of Edges
- control of labelling of Nodes
- control of value of Node repulsion
- stop update
- start update
- reInit (re randomize)
- take a picture (dump out a capture of the current image (is
  this possible with an ImageBuffer?))

Mouse stuff:

- click to vist URL or view text window
- tooltip for some kind of info
- drag to move node

And if we get it going:

- dive into the nodes under a cluster
- slide down the hierarchy below the current view
- put the spring of the parent of the current hiearchy in a side
  view which contains that parental spring (still active?)

Things mentioned in class today:

- ways to establish multiple points of gravity, to use more of
  the screen real-estate
- Ben's comment on not using power of 2 when doing gravity
- Labels not staying with nodes (this is true for edges too, but is
  not as visible)
- Methods to prevent screen updates. Right now screen redraws are
  happenign according to whatever mind Java has about doing such
  thigns. Update of the panel is being called from the Frame, but
  Java is calling the method in the Frame. It may make sense to,
  in TestSpring.paint(), to not call panel.update() unless some
  sort of time condition has passed.
- Katy mentioned a method of node layout and starts with certain
  nodes and goes from there. I didn't quite get it so if she
  could mention that again, that would be helpful.
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