Find below some rather old poems and stories that I wrote that seemed worth saving. Of late I haven't had the time to do much of this sort of thing.

These are from the early 1990s. I think I've preserved this web page longer than any other.

Poems And Stories

I've never thought much of rhyme, but I'm quite fond of rhythm. These, nearly all, are about, in some fashion, sex, love and death.

Under Deconstruction
A snazzy title on an old theme.
To my son, on becoming a photo
A true metaphor about my son, Benjamin.
High Mentor
Sex is a judgement.
One day, for some reason, ferrets became a good metaphor for the hope and hopelessness of love.
This was automatically written. It could be about something entirely separate from sex, love and death.

I don't like dialogue. Very few authors can catch it. Most of the time I barely try. Here are some stories. In a way they are very much the same. All about being lonely.

That last one is a bitter piece of junk.

If you have something to say about these things, I'd like to hear it. I wouldn't put them up here if there wasn't a part of me that didn't want to get a mail message that said, "Hey, I read..."

This is, after all, my maudlin self involvement.