Employment History



January 2008 - Present

Consulting, design and development specializing in using the software and social techniques of the internet to allow groups of people and computers to see more, connect more and understand more.


Senior Developer, Information Access

September 2004 - December 2007

One of a small team of developers creating and maintaining the Socialtext collaborative environment. Focused on tools and systems for getting information either into or out of the Socialtext system, including:

  • SOAP and REST APIs
  • full content syndication feeds in RSS and Atom
  • inclusion of external RSS and Atom feeds
  • a mobile or lightweight version called Miki
  • an offline version called Socialtext Unplugged

Indiana University

Bloomington, IN

Software Developer

January 2003 - September 2004

Developed and maintained Indiana University's Knowledge Base, a web-based content management system containing locally generated information technology questions and answers. Improved communication and collaboration processes for a geographically dispersed team of developers. Prepared requirements and specifications for the next generation of the Knowledge Base. Designed and implemented multiple projects to adapt the system to its changing role at the university.

  • Developed a SOAP-based query and retrieval interface to replace multiple ad-hoc systems for reusing Knowledge Base content.
  • Implemented a new presentation interface for the Knowledge Base using the SOAP interface and XSL.
  • Led adoption of extreme programming methodology, employing iterative development with unit testing and continuous integration.

Blue Oxen Associates

Cofounder/Information Architect

January 2002 - Present

Participated in the business and technological development of Blue Oxen Associates, a research institute devoted to studying and improving high performance collaboration, especially knowledge processes and tool use.

  • Established and supported a robust collaborative process and technology infrastructure.
  • Developed PurpleWiki, a Wiki supporting granular access and reuse of content through purple numbers.

Kiva Networking

Bloomington, IN

Director - Systems

March 1997 - September 2000

Provided leadership to the group troubleshooting, maintaining, securing, planning and developing Kiva's Internet services; worked with other Directors to set overall direction and policy for the company as it grew from a small ISP to a regional Internet provider; programmed tools to automate the installation and management of servers and users in a secure, distributed, multi-server model.

  • Migrated services to a more reliable and scalable multi-server model.
  • Automated and documented procedures for the maintenance, security and monitoring of services.
  • Acted as technical resource to customer service and sales representatives.
  • Wrote a complete mod_perl based document management system for HoosierTimes.com.
  • Modified POP and RADIUS server programs to use Pluggable Authentication Modules.
  • Managed the RADIUS, HTTP, POP, NNTP, DNS, NTP, SMTP and shell services.
  • Developed procedures for contact and escalation.
  • Managed and participated in the development of tools to automate distributed user management.
  • Created tools for the creation of ad hoc knowledge bases.
  • Participated in a company wide reorganization to enhance customer service response.
  • Managed dramatic enhancements in the network security model to improve trust on the network and provide intrusion detection.
  • Developed successful procedures for project management and documentation.
  • Developed enhancements and extensions to the existing user and task management systems.
  • Managed the OpenSource release of McFeely, a tool for the automatic queuing and execution of tasks on a collection of hosts.
  • Presented regular training seminars to staff members.

Indiana University

Bloomington, IN

Messaging Specialist/Software Engineer

February 1996 - February 1997

Administered the messaging environment for a user population of approximately 65,000.

  • Managed the NNTP, SMTP, and POP services.
  • Evaluated, modified, and administered Unix mail and news clients.
  • Administered Netpass, a Kerberos based distributed password management system.
  • Administered account generation clients for the distributed account management system.

Advanced Networking Technology Specialist

October 1995 - February 1996

Evaluated and documented emerging network technologies, especially ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) switching.

  • Maintained the Cell-Relay Retreat website and associated mailing lists and archives.

Unix Workstation Support Specialist

February 1995 - October 1995

Worked with a small team to provide campus-wide administrative and programming support to faculty, staff and students with Unix workstations.

  • Primary responsibility for Solaris 2 and HP-UX with secondary responsibility for Solaris 1, Linux, Irix, AIX and Digital UNIX.
  • Designed and developed the USAIL (Unix System Administration Independent Learning) online tutorial.

Association Management Solutions

Fremont, CA

February 1996 - November 1999

Developed and maintained Internet services and tools for a technology association management service.

  • Developed a simple web-based document contribution system for the Frame Relay Forum.
  • Developed a scalable combined document contribution, membership and mailing list management system for multiple forums.

Education and Experience

Expert in the practices, protocols and programming tools of internet application and web services design and development.
Experienced working in small teams using distributed and agile development methodologies. Practiced at the full software development and product management lifecycles. Technical and administrative leadership of software and system administration teams.
BA in English from Indiana University. Master of Information Science, December 2002, from the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University. Papers and other work are available.

Professional references and work samples available upon request.