Starting back in 2002 I integrated my MovableType? blog with PurpleWiki? creating an integrated system of granularly addressable content and WikiWord? linking from the blog into the wiki. This made for a powerful system of narrative flows in the blog and reference stocks in the wiki. It was made even more awesome by allowing TransClusion? of any PurpleNumber? identified chunk of content in any wiki page or blog posting into any other page or posting.    (6)

Since then the original wiki database has been lost, and the content on The Blog has become static. This means [NID]? database is no longer in sync with the content, meaning dynamic transclusions of blog content are not possible. However, it's still possible to tranclude within the wik. The following comes from the FrontPage:    (7)

Re-establishing some PurpleWiki?T    (8)

Note that the transclusion identifier is just an identifier, no reference is made to the FrontPage. This is the key to allowing robust transclusions from and between many different systems.    (9)