Hypertext and Knowledge Enhancement

Surely you infinitely jest? --Edwin Knuth
I also know that you, Chris, are a linguistic transcendentalist suffering under the failure of hypertext to immanentize the eschaton... --Mike Whybark


You've entered a project for a class on the Organization and Representation of Knowledge and Information for the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University. The project is designed to allow students to demonstrate that they've gained some practical and theoretical understanding of the issues covered throughout the class by requiring the development of a resource which gathers some information; represents it in a rational (and rationalized) scheme; provides abstracts of related resources; and has a glossary of terms.

This project is about hypertext and knowledge enhancement, where hypertext came from and why it can be a helpful tool for knowledge enhancement. Therefore this project is about itself. It uses hypertext, search systems, an automated glossary and links to related resources to help the user know more about hypertext, learning and discovering. In the process it attempts to critique and corrupt itself, hypertext, authority and authorship.

This is not a project about the World Wide Web nor the author controlled hypertext that lies at the core of that system.

If you are curious then follow the links to see what's here.

  • Howto: an overview of the structure of the information collection
  • Rationale: why things are arranged as they are
  • Content: the majority of the information. This area will be of most interest to those hoping to learn.
  • Architecture: discussion of some aspects of the technical system
  • Resources: descriptions of and links to articles and other resources
  • Glossary: this ought to be self-explanatory but is not
  • Thanks: this is
  • News: happenings in the site since the initial publication

As a reader of this information you have the power to change parts of it. See the Howto information to find out how.

You are welcome to follow links as you desire. Selecting Home at any time will return you to this page. Choose the Contact link at the bottom of any page to contact the author. Comments, suggestions and corrections are appreciated.

This is permanently a work in progress. Much is left out. Some sections are skeletons of what may be someday (identified by preformatted text). Take heart from the fact that there aren't little yellow "under construction" signs all over the place.

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