This page gathers together a few resources with the UNREV-II mailing list that was created in the aftermath of the Unfinished Revolution Colloquim. Kathryn La Barre and Chris Dent have been working with the archive to explore access structures to Dynamic Knowledge Repositories.


An overview of the ongoing work, including links to background research, a paper submitted to the PORT Pragmatic Web Workshop 2002, and a presentation from CoLIS4, 2002. Local links to the first version and second version of the paper.
Database Interface
The contents of the email archive were parsed into a database. A CGI was created to provide an interface to clusters and sets of messages. Eventually this system will allow unrev community members to make evaluations and annotations of the messages. Note: This system is currently down, but a similar (slightly expanded) system that provides an interface to the Blue Oxen Collaboratory mail archive is here.
Search an HTML Archive
The email archive has also been parsed into a mhonarc archive. A search interface is provided. You may also view the messages from a threaded index but this method is not recommended as there are over 3000 messages included.

Both the database interface and the search interface take advantage of a reference system known as Purple.